Muay Thai Techniques- Defense Against Attacks


In the practice of the art of muay thai defensive skills are a very important asset for those desiring to be successful in self-defense situations, as well as during sport competition. A high level of proficiency in defensive tactics will make a practitioner less likely to receive an accumulation of blows from his opponent, which have the potential to injure him if not effectively checked. The practice of defensive skills is just as important as the practice of offensive skills in the development of a well-rounded practitioner. A practitioner with devastating offensive skills, and who is lacking in defensive capabilities will suffer many defeats due to the fact that he is not a well-rounded fighter. The development of adequate defensive techniques are crucial components for the development of a highly skilled muay thai practitioner.

The art of blocking is a crucial skill that must be developed in order to mount an adequate defense against an attack. The limbs of the body are excellent tools that are used in the blocking techniques of muay thai. During competition, the gloved hands can be used to cover the head and protect the competitor from the opponent’s blows. The forearms are used to block blows to the body, which protects the competitor from kicks, punches, knees, and elbows aimed at his body. The shins can also be lifted and utilized as a method of blocking kicks to the body and to the outer thigh.

During competition and self-defense situations, the arms and hands can be used to redirect incoming strikes, by striking the opponents striking limb at an angle in order to deflect the blow away from his body. The legs can be used to deflect the opponents kicks, by using his leg to strike the opponents kicking leg in a sweeping motion away, from his body.

The ability to avoid an opponent’s blows is a very important skill for a practitioner to master. Head movement is an effective way to avoid blows aimed at the head. A practitioner should rapidly move his head to the outside of an incoming blow in order to avoid being struck. Using footwork, a practitioner can move his entire body to the outside of an incoming attack, by simply making a rapid sidestep as an opponent attacks.

The practice of evading an opponent’s attacks require skilled footwork and bodily movement. One of the best methods of evading an opponent’s attacks is to stay out of the range of his strike. One of the simplest methods in which to evade an opponent’s attacks, is to simply move backwards every time the opponent moves forward.

Disruption is a very important and useful tactic for highly skilled practitioners. A simple methods of disrupting and opponents attacks is to check his attacks before they can manifest. As the opponent prepares to punch, simply step forward and block the punching arm with your gloves before the start of the punch. Anticipate an opponents next move by watching the changes in his body position.

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