Step-up Knee kick (Khao Yieb)


The step-up knee kick (Khao Yieb) is one of the most powerful of the Muay Thai techniques that are available in a fighter’s arsenal… it is, however, very rare to see in a competitive match due to the difficulty in timing and execution. When it is used effectively though, the results can be devastating. In order to utilize the step-up knee kick, follow these steps:

1.  This knee kick requires using the opponent’s thigh to step onto and thrust the knee up.

2.  Step onto the opponents thigh with the opposite foot (if his left leg is leading, step with your right and vice versa)

3.  As you plant your foot into your opponent’s thigh, use it as a step to raise your body upwards. Your hips should open and turn towards the leg that will be kneeing (if you are kneeing with your right, your hips should turn and face to the right).

4.  Use your upward momentum to maximize the effectiveness of your knee. As you are stepping up, all of your weight should transfer to the foot that is on the opponent’s thigh… at the same time you will begin rotating your hips while bringing your knee up and into your opponents face and chin. The arm on the same side of your knee should be placed against the back of your opponents head to maximize impact and improve accuracy.

5.  To exit this technique, simply bring the attacking knee back down and step off your opponent’s thigh and immediately return to your fighting stance to either defend or set up another attack.

Although the step-up knee kick is rare to see and the opportunity to use it is not often presented out of all the Muay Thai techniques, a good fighter will know this technique and how to properly execute it. When the opportunity does present itself to be used, the step-up knee kick can be a devastating attack that can easily end a fight!

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