Mar 23

Elbows are short and quick Muay Thai techniques that are great tools for every fighter to have in the clinch and at punching range. The elbow strikes in Muay Thai utilize the sharp point to cut the face of the opponent. There are several techniques that employ the elbow:

1) Sok Tud or horizontal elbow is an elbow thrust that comes across the body. It can be performed by either the front lead hand or rear hand in guard. Sok Tud is a short elbow that is commonly used to strike the face of the opponent. A couple of keys for the Sok Tud is to maintain a horizontal elbow upon contact. To generate more rotation, curve the wrist of the Sok Tud arm into the body. A common use of the Sok Tud as a counter attack is to parry a jab with the lead hand and deliver a Sok Tud with the rear hand in guard.

2) Sok Poong or forward elbow thrust is used to attack the face similar to Sok Tud. Sok Poong is performed by swinging the elbow diagonally downward, normally in a 45 degree angle at the point of contact. This is different than Sok Tud in that the contact is made 45 degrees to the point of contact instead of horizontal.

3) Sok Wiang Glub or reverse horizontal elbow is a technique that comes out and then into the opponents face. The Sok Wiang Glub comes out like a Sok Poong or Sok Tud but finishes with the elbow making contact on the opponents face on the reverse retraction of the elbow back to guard.

4) Sok Glub or spinning elbow is a technique that different from the other elbow techniques. The power is generated from the spin of the body and followed with the elbow strike. The spinning elbow is a match maker in Muay Thai and can end the fight instantly. The key to the Sok Glub is to twist the body.

5) Sok Glub Koo or double elbow chop mid-air elbow strike is a technique that employs the use of both elbows. The Sok Ku is more of a defensive move against a thai fighter that is aggressive and likes to charge. To enhance this technique, swing a heavy bag away from you. As the bag moves forward step in with both feet and raise both elbows to create contact on the bag.

Remember, it is important to use the tip of the elbow when making contact with an elbow strike. The tip of the elbow is very sharp and can be one of the strongest weapons Muay Thai techniques. However, during training it is important to note that even though elbows are utilized in Muay Thai, it must be agreed upon between you and your partner whether or not to use the technique.

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